Take your promotion to a whole new level

Click on an icon to explore what the Anywhere Artist app platform has to offer.

Create your image from the first view

Whether it be a shot from your latest performance, a photo from the studio, or simply a scene to set the mood, customize the feel of your app.

Explore with the easy-to-use layout

With the Anywhere Artist Dashboard, navigate through the app in a way your fans are used to, similar to the iOS home screen.

Music Player

Launch a specific song from your new album, or let a random track surprise your fans.

What else is on the dashboard:

Get a clear picture

Slide the dashboard to the left to see your home screen image full screen.

Get the details

Slide the dashboard to the right to see extended details on the song currently playing.  Fans can purchase the song/album or share the song with their friends.

Ad Supported Option

To offer you this great service for free, your published app will have a discreet iAd at the top of the app on most screens.

Still unsure about Anywhere Artist or have an unanswered question, please email us at: contact@anywhereartist.com

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